My hands on outlets used to consist of sewing, painting, and crafts. As cars came into my life, time & space for these other hobbies was taken up with garage-related things. Keeping my car projects going and Grease Girl updated takes a huge chunk of my world…but I do find arts & crafts squeezing their way in every now and again.

The original intent for my Grease Girl blog was to reach out to women who might have (or be growing) an interest in cars. While I’ve connected with tons of women, and automotive beginners, via my blog already – I’ve found most of my regular readers are already car folks. Because who searches for car-stuff on the Internet? Car people!

In order to connect with even more people who are into being handy, and also to share a more well-rounded version of my world, I’m beginning this offshoot – Grease Girl Gets Crafty. I’ll add things here that may or may not include my love for cars – but will definitely help share my love for things vintage, home-made, quirky, creative & fun!

Enjoy this slice of my world – and if you ever want to step into the garage with me, visit GreaseGirl.com!

Happy Trails,



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