Valentine’s Day Wreath


I re-awakened my crafty bug recently when I offered to do decorations for a friend’s baby shower (which I still need to share here). Usually working on car projects, crafting felt like a good outlet. As soon as I saw the lovely felt-based Valentine Wreath from Positively Splendid, I knew what my next project would be. Besides being adorable, it was the perfect excuse to take down our little Christmas tree (my husband is a firm believer in leaving the tree up until “after finals”…even though we’re both long out of school).

Most sites I visit on the Internet are automotive-related, so when I found the wealth of crafty resources out there it was like I’d walked into a pink-glittery “room” of the Internet which served tea and adorable little cupcakes. Before embarking on my Valentine’s Day decor, I stumbled upon another great crafty blog, My So Called Crafty Life. I absolutely fell in love with Ashlee’s turquoise and deer-bedecked wreath and ended up basing mine off of it. What I already had in my house and the neat gems I found at the craft store directed the project – as with most things crafty!


The craft store was out of pink felt, but I did find a fabulous scroll-cut pink felt heart AND the most terrific glittery turquoise globes. I scurried home and excitedly began my project. Debating upon whether to leave some straw show from the wreath or not – I opted to completely wrap it in gingham-checked fabric because I imagined loose straw would began to yuck-ify over time and make a mess.


Flowers were next. I landed upon some terrific DIY felt flower tutorials that I more-or-less followed in making my own.

This project was tons of fun and I’m sure I’ll be returning to these flower tutorials for future projects. The best thing is, after Valentine’s Day is over the wreath can easily be reworked for spring! Thanks to all the other crafty blog ladies out there for crafting inspiration… I hope this can help you in your own creative-time as well. If you’d ever like to step into the garage with me, head on over to my main blog,, for good ol’ fashioned metal and gasoline inspiration!


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