Beginning Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve always enjoyed putting a good scrapbook together. Usually that means waiting years for a big group of photos and then spending a couple of intense days putting it all together. My last book (covering my entire life up to that point!) was almost 10 years ago. Between the elapsed time and the fact that I’ve gotten married in the past year, I’m due for another book (or two!) I don’t remember how I ran into “digital scrapbooking” on the Internet – but I happened upon Sahlin Studios. They produce digital scrapbooking products which have a fun, vintage-y feel to them. Their freebie downloads and ready-to-go templates got me on my way.


These are my first 3 completed layouts. Putting them together was fun – although it did take a bit of time, however I imagine with practice it would be quicker! While my real-life paper scrapbooks are fairly simple, the ease (and no-cost-ness) of adding elements to these has been a fun alternative. I won’t be doing all of my book like this, but adding in some “fancy” pages will be a nice change. One thing I like about digital scrapbooking is that everything I need is already in my laptop!


The templates come in a format for Photoshop (I use Photoshop Elements 10) – and you just group in photos and papers which crop to the template, then add your elements and text on top. Having used both Corel and Adobe products fairly extensively, I already had a program to use and didn’t need any training – I imagine for someone unfamiliar with these there would be a bit of a learning curve. Sahlin Studio does have great tutorials with information for the complete beginner, and I’ve even found some tips there too! For example, I’d never used the brush function as a way to add design/texture, but after getting an article about digital brushes in their newsletter I’ve been having tons of fun! I used digital brushes that I downloaded from Deviantart on both The Kiss and Hat Man layout – I even used them on my Valentine’s Day message for my “regular” blog, GreaseGirl.)


The above layout made a nice alternative to a thank you card. In order to present it to Edelbrock, a company which hosted my car club for a Learning Session, I just printed it out in color and mounted it atop card stock. This is the only thing I’ve printed out so far, but I’ll be sending the other two pages to Costco photo center to see how their $2.99 12×12″ printing comes out.

Do you scrapbook digitally? How did you get started and what are your favorite resources?


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