Beautify While Working


Most of the time my manicures get ruined when I work in the garage – but I couldn’t resist giving myself a manicure, just this one time. My husband and I were madly working to rebuild the front end of our 1960 Ford Falcon. Beginning with a nearly untouched engine bay, 60+ years of service had added a good deal of grease and grime. After removing the engine I got straight to work sanding the engine bay (engine bay=the body area under the hood where the engine sits).


As the car is still in original eggshell-color paint, I chose a contrasting color to paint the engine bay and hood with…to make it kinda fun! The blue I chose is called “Diamond Blue” from Hot Rod Flatz. It’s a paint that has some metallic sparkle within it, but the actual finish is what’s called flat or suede, meaning it doesn’t have any gloss to its surface – suede paints are a big hit with us hotrodders!


This was only the second time trying my hand at automotive painting, the first was metalflaking or “glittering” the roof of my 1955 Studebaker (watch this video of the process!) The curves and tight corners within the engine bay were a challenge, but the results are absolutely worth the effort! At the end of the job…I had the smallest bit of paint left in my mixing cup and just couldn’t resist giving myself a matching manicure! I loved it – but word to the wise, don’t expect to remove automotive paint as easily as nail polish!!!

Check out the full Falcon Rebuild over at, one of my other writing outlets.





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