What’s for Dinner> Baked Garlic-Mustard Salmon

Having a limited kitchen where I live (consisting of a hotplate, microwave, and toaster oven), I’ve been pushed to become more creative in cooking. Back when I had an oven, baked salmon was one of the simplest and most delicious dishes I could whip up, so I decided to try the baked approach with my little toaster oven.


The simple ingredients for a delicious weeknight dinner!

I found a recipe that sounded great on Natasha’s Kitchen, Baked Salmon with Garlic and Dijon. The garlic, olive oil, and Dijon (or whole-grain mustard at least) I had – but the lemon and parsley weren’t in my kitchen so I left them out.

In lieu of lemon, I added a tad apple vinegar figuring  acid substitutes for acid.

Ready for the toaster oven - don't forget to line your pan in foil...such easy clean-up!

I like to get my salmon at Costco if I have a chance. It’s always deliciously fresh – and affordable. This piece cost about $12 and the above picture (hefty servings for 2) only used 1/2 of the fish.


While the salmon is cooking – there’s really nothing else to do but enjoy a glass of wine! I snatched this $7 bottle at Costco, and was really impressed – try out Menage a Trois, 2011 California Red Wine if you see it in your local store! (Update: I found the same wine, same price, at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks later!)


Asparagus was my veggie for this meal, served alongside rice. While I was cooking the rice in my rice cooker – I added the asparagus in a steamer atop the rice for the last 5 or so minutes of its cooking cycle…it was slightly crispy and perfect!

Cooking the salmon in the toaster oven wasn’t much different than a regular-sized oven, it turned out great! We liked it so much, I went to cook this recipe a second time…except I had all the ingredients so I used them! Ethan didn’t like it, but I thought it was great (although also favoring the first try). So from now on I’ll use the following recipe – originally from NatashaKitchen.com and adapted by me.


Easy-Bake Oven Grilled Garlic-Mustard Salmon (adapted from a recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen)

Heat oven to 450°F and slice into servings:

1 (+/-) lbs. of Salmon. If skinned place skin side down.

Mix together:

3 gloves pressed garlic

1 heaping spoon of grainy mustard

Dash of salt and zing of pepper (although cooking is a science, it’s not chemistry…this kind of a dish doesn’t require precision!)

1-second pour of apple vinegar (about 1 TB)

1/8 cup olive oil

Place salmon on foil-lined tray, smother with what you’ve just mixed up, and pop into the 450° oven. The original recipe called for 12-15 minutes – I’d expected it to go a little quicker in my tiny convention oven…but it was about right…but more along the 11-12 minute time I’d say. Just keep a close eye on it. I peek into one of the fillets to make sure it’s cooked how I like. Be aware of overcooking, salmon will get dry – you still want a bit of a fleshy look inside, but not so much as to be sushi!

It’s ready and delicious to eat! I put rice on to cook before doing anything else,adding asparagus just 5 minutes or so before the fish was done – and it made for a delicious and deliciously-simple healthy, low-cost, easy-to-make dinner! Enjoy!



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