Go Retro>Comic Strip Creation

I just completed using some crafy-skills to help tell the story of losing the brakes while driving my 1955 Studebaker. It just so happened I was wearing a bathing suit at the time (on the way to the pool and got hot in LA traffic!) Not only that, but at one point I jumped out of my moving car – bathing suit, barefeet and all – in an attempt to stop it (don’t try that at home!) Of course my readers at GreaseGirl.com were asking for reenactment photos…


The idea for a retro comic originally came about from this great app I have on my iPhone, Halftone. After my friend Lori took some great reenactment photos – I wasn’t quite sure how they fit together to tell the story…I didn’t just want a silly picture of me in a bathing suit!

I stumbled upon a terrific “how-to” online at PhotoshopRoadmap, which I followed step by step for the photo-editing and general look of the comic book strip. Additionally, I used a couple of fonts which I got for free from dafont.com (Digital Strip and Feast of Flesh) as well as the background “paper” from a Sahlin Studio freebie.

Photoshop Elements was the program I used to put it all together. Some parts of it may have been easier with a heavtier design program (the one I use is Corel Draw) – but generally PE gave me enough abilities.

Pictures where I wanted something to stand out more, I cut and pasted it in an upper level before doing the retro comic book look processing. One photo I combined a number of different pictures of me (while I was jumping out of the car) into one photo for a time-lapse sort of effect – using much the same process of cutting and pasting myself.

The process was a ton of fun (although very time-consuming!) Not only did I have the chance to get creative with some of my design abilities – but it also taught me some new things along the way. The finished product is just what I was going for – and in my opinion, it was well worth the effort!

The full comic strip graphic is available at this link on MyRideisMe.com – or you can find the individual posts and other car adventures at my main website, GreaseGirl.com.


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