DIY Christmas Ornament


Every year, my best friend and I get/make a matching ornament. It’s a super fun tradition and now even more unique that we live on different coasts. A couple of years ago, we were in Washington DC together during December, so got an official White House ornament – last year, she was visiting me in California so I planned a crafty ornament. I had forgotten about it until I decorated my Christmas tree, but when I saw it again I remembered how much I liked it along with the fun time we had making it together.

This is a super simple craft. Here’s what you need:

  • frosted contact paper
  • old book pages (or any paper could be substituted)
  • acrylic paint
  • marker
  • small bit of ribbon
  • optional: decorative scissors

First I cut the old book pages in a circle, then brushed on white acrylic paint in an area large enough for the planned drawing. I made a couple extra in case our drawings didn’t go as planned! Then my BFF and I drew the other person, then switched our pictures and drew the other a second time. It’s amusing to see one another’s best renditions of the other! Don’t forget to label the year or other significant details…when you’re happy with the drawings, place the paper in between two sheets of contact paper and press together. The scalloped edge was created using special scissors. Next, a hole punch was used to make an opening and a looped and knotted piece of grosgrain ribbon inserted for the ornament’s hanger.


This year, my BFF happened to be in town again – but rather than getting crafty we decided to stop by CRAFTED in San Pedro, California to do a little shopping. We happened to find this little ornament from a pottery maker, Haeuser Pottery (who has some other awesome stuff). My friend and I have this thing about growing roots before branches in our “tree” of life…so this was really the perfect find! Either way, making your own or buying, yearly ornament traditions add an extra sparkle to the holiday season!

What’s your favorite holiday craft?

Happy Trails,


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