Cheap & Simple: DIY Atomic Starburst Painted Wallpaper


I was browsing through my favorite home decoration site, Retro Renovation, and stumbled upon a fabulous idea for hand-painted “wallpaper”. Not only was it super-cheap and super-easy, it was a fabulous retro-atomic starburst shape! While I don’t have a lovely post-modern home like I drool over on Retro Renovation posts, my current garage loft living can use all the help it can get. Yes… I live in an industrial garage! Because this is just a “for a few years” sort of situation, it doesn’t warrant any interior decorating that is either expensive or time consuming… so this DIY project fit the bill perfectly.


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Fun On Thanksgiving: Christmas Crafting Party


I’m usually a strict “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” sort of person. But I happened to be visiting my parents for a weekend in early November and we found ourselves in Michael’s craft store. My family isn’t always the best at just hanging around and talking – we’re either off doing something or the TV is on -so working together on a simple craft is a great excuse for the family to just sit around and enjoy each other’s company (I’m sure a few of you can relate!) While in the craft store we each selected a simple and inexpensive little Christmas craft kit (all were under $5) then set to work around the family room table.

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