Fun On Thanksgiving: Christmas Crafting Party


I’m usually a strict “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” sort of person. But I happened to be visiting my parents for a weekend in early November and we found ourselves in Michael’s craft store. My family isn’t always the best at just hanging around and talking – we’re either off doing something or the TV is on -so working together on a simple craft is a great excuse for the family to just sit around and enjoy each other’s company (I’m sure a few of you can relate!) While in the craft store we each selected a simple and inexpensive little Christmas craft kit (all were under $5) then set to work around the family room table.


Crafts like these are simple enough for any age (almost) and don’t require much thought, so they were a perfect activity for my family to enjoy together – keeping us all together for laughs, conversation, and good times! With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a perfect opportunity to plan to do something similar in your home!


Do you have any crafting traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Happy Trails (& Happy Holidays too!),



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