Fun with Sewing Lingerie> DIY Sexy Things


Saturday mornings I like to wake up and lazily lie in bed looking through Instagram (I know I’m not the only one who does this!) Ending up in a rabbit-trail of awesome retro-inspired and creative lingerie posts, I was inspired to set out and create my own sexy DIY lingerie. Not only because I rarely have the budget to purchase lingerie, or because I’m hard-to-fit due to my curvy endowment, but because I thought making my own creation would be so much more fun!

Using some sheer, stretchy polyester I had on hand combined with small bits and pieces of scraps from other projects – a little cotton, black satin ribbon, elastic & lace elastic, fuzzy leopard print, black and white striped t-shirt material, and a vintage rhinestone button to top it all off with – all the makings for an awesome girly, one-of-a-kind lingerie were hanging out in my sewing box. The sheer polyester I’d nabbed from the LA fabric district when on the hunt to recreate a favorite ’60s vintage babydoll. I’ve had a bit of a challenge finding the right fabric to fit the bill, and even this sheer aqua isnt’ quite right (it snags easily and is lacking body) but it’s good enough for some trial-run projects.

In the process of creating this DIY babydoll I had tons of fun! I loved how much imagination and creativity I could use because 1.) The garment isn’t very big and 2.) It will only be worn in the bedroom. Follow along on my fun, creative process…

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